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Featuring state-of-the-art automatic colorant dispensing,
color matching computer
and 14 feet of new color chip and design center displays!

We have four lines of paint for every budget:
  • Ace Essence
  • Ace Royal
  • Clark & Kensington paint and primer in one product,
    and introducing
  • Valspar Aspire and Optimus premium paints.

Valspar Color Rack
The fresh, contemporary design of the Valspar Color Selector invites you to explore color within your project scope and enjoy a customized color experience.

The rainbow inspired palette with flowing blocks of bright, muted and neutral shades is arranged in recognizable color families and is designed for Color-exploring. The expertly-chosen selection of 580 colors focuses on tried-and-true colors. Generously sized 3" x 3.5" single-color chips give you a large, easy-to-visualize color swatch.

The large Valspar color selector goes from warm to cool colors when moving from left to right. When moving from top to bottom, colors on the large Valspar rack go from bright to muted.

Color Vision Tool and Brochure
The Color Vision Tool offers a you a customized color experience. This is an easy to use tool for exploring different color combinations, both in-store and at home. Using Color Vision is a great first step in your color selection process.

Mix and Test
We are happy to mix you a "test size" jar of paint. Take it home to try out on your project before investing in the final amount you may need.

Dream in Color
A splash of fabulous color transforms walls and thrift-store finds into something that is truly eye-catching.

Try a Complimentary Color Scheme
Combine colors that are directly across from each other on the color wheel. These contrasting colors look good together because they enhance each other's vibrancy and create natural energy.

Getting to Know Neutrals
You won't find gray, beige, brown, tan and cream on the color wheel! But these and other neutral colors coordinate naturally with each other and create balanced backdrops for colorful accessories.

Lighthearted * Uplifting * Joyful
Take a spin with playful colors that make everyday living more joyful. An optimistic palette of light-infused pastels give a chic, sophisticated look that refreshes the spirit with a splash of cheer.

Get Enlightened
Colors look different depending upon the light surrounding them. Natural light and artificial light affect the way paint colors look on the wall. Look at color during the day in natural light, and at night with artificial light and notice the differences. Decide which time you will use the room most, and go with the color that looks best at that time.

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